About IsraDocuMentalist

IsraDocuMentalist was founded in 2013 by Israel Muse, winner of the 2011 International "Pro-Israel Blog-Off" competition. Israel Muse is a single individual not connected to any agency or government organization. This is an entirely Non-Profit site.

IsraDocuMentalist serves as an educational resource using online videos to present an accurate portrayal of the Middle Eastern conflicts.

While public opinion is defined by the mainstream media, unfortunately the media inevitably has a preconceived agenda with little regard for objectivity as opposed to presenting conflict for shock value and higher ratings.

To help remedy this situation this site provides online videos with historically accurate portrayals of the Israeli and Middle Eastern conflicts to instill a factual and complete understanding of the issues.

Additionally IDM provides films that expose and document Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic occurrences not covered by the media.

While many other sites provide videos and articles with the same objective, this site offers a single resource that links all relevant videos without the need to search through multiple sites for the same material.

All are welcome to send relevant links to be shared, however it is the policy of this site to ensure all videos are historically accurate and from a credible source. Videos engendering solely opinionated views will not be shared.

Thank you!
Israel Muse

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