Sunday, August 4, 2013

Extremely harsh treatment of "Palestinian" refugees in Lebanon...yet Jews are still to blame!

It is important to note that no Arabs were expelled from Israel during the 1948 war or any other war involving Israel. This is a complete misconception and misuse of terms. It was simply a war in which multiple Arab states attacked the Israeli state, and during wars people flee the areas which see heavy fighting in, regardless of which side is involved. In addition to this, the Arabs living in Israel at the time were demanded by their own leaders and the leaders of the Arab states to flee the land and not return. Israel had no intention of driving out the Arabs from the land and did no such thing. When the war was over, many of the Arabs returned to Israel and they were welcomed back by the Israeli government who initiated calls for the Arabs to return to Israel. Most of the Arabs rejected this request and so they took on the status of refugee on their own accord. The only parties to blame here are the Arab leaders and the leaders of the Arab states who attacked Israel and forced the Arabs to leave. Anything else is either a blatant lie or a complete fantasy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The video proves how badly the Arab states treat "Palestinian" Arab refugees and yet hardly anyone focuses on these serious issues which these people have to face everyday and also allow them to continue the fairy tale that Israel is to blame for their current situation. Even if Israel was to blame, it is still not right at all for the way the Lebanese government treats the "Palestinian" Arabs within their country and worse off, no one says a word about it. When Jews can't be blamed for suffering of Arabs, then no one is really that interested.

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