Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The New Anti-Semitism (Hebrew & English)

The Keshet documentary is a Canadian- Israeli co-production presented by Israeli anchorman Yaakov Eilon. The binational cooperation enabled Canadian journalists to interview people that Israelis would not have had access to, such as Alex Linder, the owner and operator of the viciously anti-Semitic, white supremacist Vanguard News Network. The filmmakers document what they describe as “new anti-Semitism” through the use of hidden cameras in conferences, demonstrations and behind the scenes of anti-Zionist meetings across the globe. Filmmaker and director Martin Himel told The Jerusalem Post that the primary objective of the documentary is to present “anti-Semitism in action,” to allow viewers to feel what it means and to acknowledge that is exists.

Here is the same video with English subtitles.

The full English version of the original "Jew Bashing" series:
Jew Bashing - The New Anti-Semitism: The Middle East
Jew Bashing - The New Anti-Semitism: Europe
Jew Bashing - The New Anti-Semitism: USA
Jew Bashing - The New Anti-Semitism: Canada

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