Sunday, June 23, 2013

Jew Bashing - The New Anti-Semitism: USA

Other filmmakers have documented the growing fear among Jewish communities worldwide as a new wave of anti-Semitic hatred seems to be gathering pace. Jew Bashing is different. Using investigative journalism and hidden cameras, we reveal Antisemitism as it’s never been done before. We see Anti-Semitism on camera. Our goal is to experience this hatred, to understand its toxicity, instilling motivation to limit the scope of Anti-Semitism. Some Anti-Semites believe Jews are Nazis. They even plotted the holocaust and 9-11. They control the Economy, the Government, the Media. Jews are an evil satanic cult hell-bent on destroying civilization. Oppose them at your peril. Beliefs like these are not the deranged ranting of isolated conspiracy nuts. They are to be found in the respectable mainstream, from British politicians and from some members of the Christian and Islamic clergy. Websites that encourage Jew hatred rank in the top 1% of most popular websites worldwide.

In the land of free speech Anti-Semites call for Jewish extinction. So called Anti-Zionists claim Jews dominate American politics. We go undercover into these groups and expose on-camera virulent Anti-Semitism.

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